Possibilities for Making a Purchase

Payments made using Zelle, Bitcoin, CashApp, Venmo, and PayPal are all accepted at Arowana For Sale®.


Please read our Privacy & Security page if you are new to Arowana For Sale®. When you make a purchase from Arowana For Sale®, your personal and financial details will always be protected.

Availability of Marine Life

Availability of aquatic life is affected by a wide range of conditions, therefore not all species will always be accessible. However, fresh deliveries are constantly arriving at our warehouses, and after passing our stringent health checks, the specimens become accessible for purchase.

All of the aquatic life you order from Arowana For Sale® will be delivered safely and promptly. So, depending on the availability or condition of the specimen at the time of order fulfillment, some of your aquatic life selection may be unable to be transported. Only fish in perfect condition and with impeccable manners will leave Arowana For Sale®.

Completed Orders

In-stock items will be used to fulfill orders if they can cover up to 75% of the total price. Your order will be adjusted to exclude any goods that are temporarily out of stock. We will deduct the cost of the aquatic life items you did not receive from your order total.

Holdups in Orders

Orders are typically processed within one business day unless more than 75% of the total order value cannot be fulfilled due to a lack of in-stock items, which is extremely rare. We will have one of our friendly Arowana For Sale® customer service specialists get in touch with you as soon as possible to go over any potential substitutions or alternative arrangements.


When the size or species you’ve asked for is out of stock, we will never send a replacement without your express permission. So that you get precisely what you order, we collaborate closely with both you and our aquatic suppliers. Consult with one of our aquatic service experts about potential alternatives if the item you want is now sold out.
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