ACCEPTED METHOD OF PAYMENT Cryptocurrency (See wallets Below page)

Here, we will not provide a comprehensive guide on how to use cryptocurrencies. Please examine one of the numerous online resources.

However, please consider the following critical points:

Always purchase approximately 2% more cryptocurrency than you believe you require to account for exchange rate fluctuations.
Some exchanges, such as CEX.IO, allow credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies (for a rather hefty cost).
It is not suggested to send directly from the exchange. This can result in problems with excessive fees and lengthy withdrawal times.
Always store your cryptocurrency in a wallet that you control directly (i.e. you have access to the private keys). An exchange cannot be used as a wallet. We recommend Electrum for Bitcoin transactions.
Never transmit cryptocurrency to an address that is expired. There is a time limit for payment on each order at Arowana For Sale; please keep this in mind.
Always send to the address that was created particularly for the order. Sending to previous addresses will result in significant delays and could lead to the loss of Bitcoin.
Send a minimum of the amount requested during checkout. If you send insufficient payment, your order will be significantly delayed.
If you send an excessive amount of cryptocurrencies, we will consider it a gratuity for our superior service. We will not issue a refund for the difference.
Your order will be updated automatically when the payment is processed. You must email us once the payment has been made.

Please consider carefully before submitting payment.

If you change your mind after submitting payment and the order has not yet been dispatched, Arowana For Sale will cancel your order and provide you a shop coupon (store credit) that may be applied to a future purchase or transactions.

Arowana For Sale is under no obligation to refund cryptocurrency payments. The typical method of reimbursement is always store credit.

Depending on the area, we may agree to refund a bank wire on rare occasions. Refunds will never be transferred to a different bank account than the one used to send the original payment.

We cannot reverse or refund any successful crypto payments. These are automatically deducted from the payment processor and network costs, sent to our exchanger, translated to fiat currency, and deposited into our bank account.


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NB: Always copy and paste wallets to avoid errors!