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Chilli Red Arowanas Fishes are also one of the most attractive and eye-catching varieties of fishes which we are obtaining from rare places of nature and providing to our clients at a very reasonable range of prices in the market. These chilly red Arowana are named after its specifically natural chilly red color which is shinning and makes it more decorative for the aquariums and pools. These chilly red Arowanas have got a very large mouth which is the main focus of attention for these fishes when they breathe. These chilly red arowanas are available for our clients at a very reasonable range of prices in the market.

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The Chilli Red Arowana is from the same origin as the Super Red. It is characterized by a more pronounced spooning of the heat before the back and generally a strong yellow base color contrasts the deep Red of the outer scale.

It is very difficult to judge the color that will be present in the adult fish and due to the long development period and unique combinations of color these fish are often expensive and sought after in larger sizes.

Our Selection offers a pick of premium quality Arowana from any of the farms in Asia, and we will do our best to match the colors your are looking for based on lineage. However, for specific color requests the fish will need to be at least 15 inches or greater. Please see the shop for specific examples.

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12 reviews for Chili Red Arowana

  1. Adoul

    دبي ، لقد استلمت أسماك. أوصي بهذا الموقع

  2. Adam

    Expensive but worth it. i bought big size and i love the chilli red most especially. i am from the Usa, Ohio

  3. Chuat

    I saw your ad and purchased. thanks i got my red fishes. they are lovely. shipped to Germany.

  4. Lyne g I LOVE YOU GUY DELIVERY 100%. Shipped to Scotland, UK

  5. Novia

    They came in same date as they told me. thanks From Novia Scotia, Canada

  6. Steve

    Red predator fish. arowana my tank is full with them, i love them. I Ordered from UK.

  7. Ahmed

    Actually my fishes came in save and sound. i live in Dubai. Thanks

  8. mohammed

    أنا محمد واشتريت المضبوطة من فهي أفضل الأسعار وكبيرة جداً

  9. David F.

    My arowana eats good. she came in today. thanks shipped to Washington DC.

  10. Terry

    Who else had holds difficulty in the shipping?. i was scared at first, but my fishes came through, despite all. i am happy now. they are all alive. thanks again – From United Kingdom

  11. Sophie

    Hello! i am Sophie from Germany, i ordered last year December and got my fish now. I don’t know why my shipping got held but i cant believe, I got my Fish. They also helped me with clearance since in Germany it is tough. Thanks Arowana For Sale for this opportunity. I adopted this beautiful Fish. Your the best website here. – Sophie – Germany

  12. Thomas

    Omg! I ordered 2 of them and i was scared, but this is legit as i can see.
    Thanks. – Thomas. California

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