In Denmark, at Arowana For Sale Aquarium Farm, we raise and wholesale freshwater ornamental fish, crustaceans, and aquatic plants from the Asian arowana family. For over 30 years, we’ve worked to provide our consumers with fresh, high-quality fish from around the globe.
All of the fish that we buy from suppliers go through rigorous inspections.
Throw away fish that doesn’t taste or look well enough to sell.
As a result of our DPA System® Technology and the expansion of our quarantine facilities, we are able to hold just as many high-quality, healthy fish in isolation as previously. Our network of breeders who inspect all shipments to guarantee they meet our high standards serves as a supplement to our quarantine facilities.
The health of the fishes in quarantine can be preserved by giving them enough room to swim.
Quarantined fish are given premium food and care.
We treat all fish in our quarantine facilities using our DPA System® Technology to ensure they remain healthy until the day of shipment.
We currently work with local and international wholesalers, retailers, and distributors in a variety of nations. Since our expertise is both broad and deep, we are able to meet the needs of a diverse set of customers. As a result, you might rest easy knowing that your shipment is in the hands of true experts.
The value-added services we provide at Arowana For Sale continue even after the transaction has been made, in the form of guidance on how to best care for and condition your new fish purchases to ensure they thrive in their new home.