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Shipping & Delivery, We ship worldwide and all our deliveries are 100% guaranteed. All our fishes are equipped with chip and certificate to comply with CITES and we grow the best Arowana species well known in the International market.

We have a wide range of the best Arowana’s (captive bred). Different varieties starting from standard to the very bright and rare color fish. All our fishes are electronically tagged with a microchip (bearing a unique number) near their stomach wall. We ship all sizes of arowana fish (babies to adult).

To place order, check for our Available Arowana for sale with prices, Proceed to make payment confirmation. We also offer tracking number after your package has been registered for delivery.

arowana fish

Free Expedited Shipping

We offer guaranteed Free delivery on all shipment sent out. Fast delivery mode also available which takes lesser time to be delivered. Our shipments are always on date and time.
If we provide a guaranteed delivery date and a delivery is not made by this date, we will provide a refund of any shipping fees associated with that order.

Fast Delivery Method Available

We do ship in Fast mode via Air freight. This shipping mode takes only 2 days by air. We charge an extra $100 for this mode.

How Fast Is Rush Delivery?

Rush orders normally ship the next business day after the order is placed. However, while it’s definitely not the norm, some rush items can take longer than expected to be delivered. once you are handed youre tracking number it takes 2 days to arrive your destination.

Again, there are usually No complications. Visit our testimonials page to see to whom we successfully shipped their fishes.